What to Do If Your Wedding Dress Gets Stain

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After what may be months and years of planning for the best day of your whole life, you finally found the dress that you can imagine yourself walking down the aisle wearing but, of course, just after everything you thought was accounted for, you spill a glass of red wine on your gown or find stains on the hem of your dress. What solutions can you do if you stain your wedding dress?

Taking Your Dress to the Cleaner

While you can do a few things to remove stains on your wedding dress, the wisest decision to make sure you do not worry on your wedding day is to search for the ‘’best dry cleaning in Singapore’’. Research and look for good reviews on different dry cleaning services available near you but if you don’t have time and effort to waste below are tips that you can do to try to remove the stain on your wedding dress:

Inform Yourself

Before you dive into fix-it mode, consider the fabric of your wedding dress and the stain on it that you are conquering. Different stains require different methods of removal and the same goes for their fabrics. Most wedding dresses have a care level inside of it which will give you the information that you will need for the material. Tip: It is easier to remove the stain for artificial fibers than for natural fibers like silk. The best way to inform yourself is to consult your wedding dress cleaning methods. You should already have the knowledge to take care of your dress and have those items on hand. If you can’t find the label on your wedding dress or the care label does not help you at all, it’s better to call the boutique. Below  are the most common stains you may encounter:

  • Oil Stains – Place a cloth under the area that is stained and use a cotton ball to blow the cleaning agent that you use (for example, equal parts white vinegar and dish soap) on your wedding dress. Finish by lightly dabbing your dress with warm water to remove the scent of the vinegar.
  • Beverages – one of the easier stains to remove on wedding dresses. Create a solution of one part dish soap and three parts of water and carefully dab it on the stain until you can’t see or it is no longer visible.
  • Lipstick Stains – this can be difficult to remove as lipstick colors have different formulas and colors that vary from one another. Remedy this with one part dish soap and one part water.

Clean Before You Store

So, you got out and survived the big day and you notice that there is evidence of the ceremony or the reception on your wedding dress. Before storing it, send it to the professional for a post-wedding cleaning. Using other solutions like remover pens can cause irreversible damage to your wedding dress and that is not a memory you want to keep with you that reminds you of your big day.  Make sure to take your wedding gown to someone or a dry cleaning service that specializes in preservation cleaning.




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