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On Nov four, Dami Kwon shared a photograph of an associate degree ultrasound on her personal and wrote. Our baby whom we’ll meet 2 months from currently. He’s a son that resembles his father, we tend to decision him and his name is Eden. Kim Min Jon and Dami Kwon initially confirmed they were qualitative analysis in June 2019 and tied the knot in Oct 2019. This can be the couple’s initial kid along.

Kim Min Jon could be a model-turned-actor UN agency has asterisked in dramas like Demo. Surgeon resounds dekaliter He, and last “Was It Love?  And films like the Tisza: The High Rollers, The kept woman, and Top Star. He additionally works as a DJ underneath the anonym Vesper MJ.

Dami Kwon is the owner of a fashion whole and was enclosed within the Bo five hundred in 2017, associate degree annual list of the five hundred people UN agency are shaping the style trade. She is additionally referred to as the older sister of BIGBANG’s G-Dragon.

Who is G-Dragon’s doting sister, fashion guru Dami Kwon?

Although many of us may envy her for being the older sister of certifiable OG K-pop genius G-Dragon, Dami Kwon well deserves admiration in her claim. For one, you would possibly say that vogue sense runs within the family. Therefore from launching her own victorious fashion whole to creating a runway assortment debut in Paris. Here are much stuff you may wish to grasp regarding the 38-year-old enterpriser.

She Found a Fashion Business

When it involves making your own appearance, Dami Kwon was method earlier than her brother. G-Dragon launched his whole Peace minus One in 2016 – whereas she co-founded a fashion store in 2014. Her Rare Market even got her listed among The Business of Fashion’s five hundred most potent international trendsetters in 2017.

The shop’s name. However, may be attributable to G-Dragon. The UN agency prompt “rare” to represent the brand’s philosophy of introducing one-of-a-kind fashion items to Chosen. In 2015, a YG Bazaar additionally passed in Dami Kwan’s look, commerce personal things happiness to K-pop artists signed to YG diversions, like Sandra Park and Teeing.

She Married a Drama Star

In 2019, Dami Kwon tied the knot with Min Jon Kim. Associate degree actor UN agency asterisked in drama series like Demo and Love in the national capital. In a very Knowing Bros episode, Min joked that he accustomed dream of giving pin money to his in-law. However, was currently unsure of what proportion to grant to 1 of K-pop’s biggest icons.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon additionally showed support by causing an occasional truck to the actor’s film draws a bead on The Singer in 2019. in line with Star nowadays, last year in could, the couple emotional into luxury lodging LE Garden the most in Hanna-dong. Her brother lives in the same neighborhood, simply many blocks away.

Family and career of Dami Kwon

You can see however shut Dami Kwonis to G-Dragon within the method she calls him “son”. Typically his fans get updates on their hero through the Integra posts she shares of family dinners and outings. Typically times, G-Dragon has noticed sporting items from We11Done, just like the textile shirt and red muffler he wore on his thanks to the large Bang Japan Dome tour in 2017.

They are magnificently shut and on the day that G-Dragon entered the military in 2018, she denotes an endeavor on of her tightly necking him. She captioned the post heart fully:

On Feb four, Dami Kwon denotes on Stories, “Kim Min Jon and Dami Kwon’s baby. Our Eden was born healthy on Feb four, 2022.” The icon shows a clip of the baby’s birth details, like his birthday and his birth weight.

Relation Status

On the twenty-sixth, G-Dragon‘s older sister Kwon Dami denotes a photograph through her Instagram story. Within the icon could be a hand of a person and also the son of Kwon Dami. She captions Uncle and Eden. Supported Kwon Dami’s caption and also the tattoo on his hand, it may be confirmed that the person is G-Dragon. Many of us have expressed interest in the icon of G-Dragon, UN agency is creating headlines day once a day thanks to rumors of a breakup with Black pink’s Jennie.




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