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Trend: It refers to a certain style or fashion

What is Trend?

“Trend is the popularity of anything at certain point in time.”

Usually trend refers to a certain style and fashion or entertainment. In easy language trend tells to any specific fashion which becomes common in certain place. A trend is form of collective behavior in which group of people enthusiastically follows an impulse for short period.

For Example:

                                    The different sizes of glasses and high-wasted and low-wasted jeans. These are the most common examples of today’s trend.

Types of Trend:

The types of trend are as follows:

  1. Uptrends
  2. Downtrends
  3. Horizontal trends


  1.  Uptrends:-

                     The price movement of financial asset when the overall route is upward. In an uptrend each succeeding peak is higher than ones which originate earlier in the trend. Therefore uptrend is calm of higher swing lows and higher swing highs. “If the peak and trend moves in ascending direction then it is known as uptrend.”

  •  Downtrends:-

                             The price movement of financial asset when the overall route is downward. In downtrends each unsucceding peak is lower than ones which originate after inn the trend. Downtrend is “the trend which the price of anything or value anything gradually decreases in its market it is known as downtrend.” A stock and a commodityare the most common examples of downtrends.

  • Horizontal trends:-

                                      The other name of horizontal trend is trend analysis. It is used to advert financial trend over a definite numbers of accounting periods. Horizontal analysis usually examines many reporting periods. This trend is also can help us to relate a company’s current status to its past status.

        We also have formula for horizontal trend analysis and that is: “Subtracting the base period’s price from the comparison period’s price, dividing the result by the base period’s price and then multiply by 100.”

Categories of Trend:

Basically there are four categories in which trend are divided, and these are as follows.

  1. Economic
  2. Social
  3. Technological
  4. Regulatory


  • Economic:

                  Economic trend is a sign which shows that how a region or country is doing work financially. Economic trend is today’s important trend which tells about the financial condition of either country or region.

  • Social:

              Social trends are ideas and actions that society reflects are important. Generally speaking, the idea with social trend is to create a superior and reasonable society for everybody.

When people monitors that what others are doing, they converted to a social trend. Interest level cannot be a public trend because it is economic phenomenon. Examples of Social trend are: the change in lifestyle, demographic composition, attitudes towards health etc.

  • Technological:

                        It is a concrete direction in the evolution of technologies in certain area to be faced by the association in the next few years. The top technology trends are as follows:

  • Computing Power
  • Smarter Devices
  • Ratification
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning
  • Extended reality
  • Digital trust
  • 3D printing
  • Genomics

These are the modern technologies which can be trend in our near future.

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