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The Best Fabrics To Wear In Summer

How to forget when we went to school and summer arrived, the holidays, the games and the enveloping heat? Yes, not everything should be rosy, heat is also part of our life, and with it, we have created unforgettable moments with our family and friends.

If we told you that you were able to spend the summers a little cooler, would you believe us? It turns out that there are perfect textiles for summer, which are breathable and help us feel more comfortable. In this article, Anvisha will explain why it is important to choose the right material for the weather, and we will tell you what textiles you can use this season despite the high temperatures.

It is important to keep in mind the weather, the event and the people who will attend that place. Just as in winter we choose jackets or sweaters that protect us from low temperatures, in summer it is important to choose breathable materials that allow us to feel a little cooler. There are garments that are apparently thin and do not weigh much, which we imagine may be ideal for that hot climate, but when worn they become our private sauna.

This problem not only occurs in clothing but also in our sheets or bedding and in the upholstery of furniture. At some point, we have all had our skin stuck to the sofa due to our perspiration. For all the cases mentioned, we will tell you which are the best fabrics that you should implement in your wardrobe, in your bedding and in the upholstery of your seats in summer. 

What is the best textile for summer?

Textiles of natural origin are best for hot climates because they all have properties that allow air to flow through the strands. Therefore, it allows the skin to breathe and provides a light sensation.

The idea is to avoid textiles of synthetic origin, we recognize their importance in cold climates. But they are a martyrdom for high temperatures. Although, if you are an athletic person, lycra is and will be one of the best fabrics for physical exercise. 

Colours are an important factor in wardrobe, not only because they create a visual and psychological impression. Also, they attract or repel heat. For this reason, we recommend you opt for light shades. Light shades are those that are closest to white. For example, pink, light blue, yellow, lilac, and light green, among other colours. The light shades provide a fresh look and do not absorb heat.

The recommended textiles for making clothes in summer

Cotton, silk, fibrana and linen. Each mentioned textile comes from a natural origin and has properties that allow it to provide freshness. Next, we will explain the properties of each mentioned fabric

The cotton

Cotton is an ideal textile for heat, it is economical, has absorbent properties and provides adequate heat conduction. In addition, it is breathable, it allows air to flow through the bristles, providing a feeling of freshness. 


Silk is a pleasant material to the touch because it is soft and thin. In addition, aesthetically it is a beautiful and shiny textile, with it you can make different models of blouses among other items. Silk fabrics are recommended for summer because they have good absorption and are breathable textiles.

The Fibrana

It is a fabric made from rayon, viscose or cotton that is very pleasant to the touch and is recommended for use in warm weather because it allows air to flow through the inside of the fabric, helping the skin to breathe. It is usually implemented in the manufacture of dresses and blouses.

The linen

Linen comes from a plant, for this reason, it is an environmentally friendly material and, like cotton, it is a good heat insulator. It is the best fabric for making summer suits, giving the user the comfort of not feeling suffocated. It is a wonderful material to create all types of garments.

The mentioned materials have ideal properties for high temperatures, but they only have a small drawback, which is that they have low resilience, so they tend to wrinkle a lot. But believe me, it’s worth using the iron to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the heat.

Textiles recommended for bedding in summer

Cotton sateen

Cotton sateen, apart from being a soft fabric, has all the mentioned properties of cotton fabrics. One of the best elastic satin has a composition is 97% cotton and 3% elastane, so that the sheets or bedding you want to make have elasticity.

How much does cotton cost? Cotton grows anywhere in the world, therefore, it is a textile that can be easily found to make the most of its benefits.

Cotton sheet

There is a textile created especially for your beds in hot climates. The cotton sheet, as its name indicates, has a composition of 100% cotton and is characterized by being a soft fabric with the body. In addition, it is a smooth fabric that does not create pilling on the textile.

Recommended textiles to upholster furniture in summer


Cotton velvet is a shiny textile that adds a modern touch to furniture. It falls and is soft to the touch, the best of all is that it is a breathable textile. With velvet fabrics you will not feel uncomfortable when sitting on the furniture, it will possibly become the family’s favourite place.


You must check the composition of the material, and make sure it is more than 50% cotton. This way you can have peace of mind that it is a breathable material. Jacquard is a weighty material, it has a nice drape and is soft to the touch. It can also be found with wonderful prints, which will give a classic touch to your home.

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