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How To Get Elite Void in Old School Runescape

The Elite Void gear in OSRS is an exclusive set of equipment that brings you an awesome set of highly sought properties with great advantages. The Elite Void gear in OSRS, like its conventional version, gives a percentage benefit to damage and accuracy for melee and ranged, as well as a larger accuracy bonus for Magic. 

These percentage increases make elite void gear important for high-level content, particularly against bosses and enemies with great defenses. Vorkath is a unique example of this equipment, since the elite void Ranged set is considered to be the best in the slot.

Now most of the players are looking for how to get Elite Void in Old School Runescape, which can be a time-consuming process since you may have to get full set of the regular gear first. Therefore, we have sorted the process of getting the Elite Void gear in OSRS. Let’s get right into it!

How to Get Elite Void Gear in OSRS

If you are looking for how to get Elite Void in Old School Runescape, well let me tell you, there is no direct way to get it. Therefore, you have to follow the process mentioned below to get Elite Void gear in OSRS.

Basic Void Gear

The first step to getting the Elite Void Gear in Old School Runescape is to get your hands on the basic void gear. You can achieve the basic void gear through the Pest Control minigame, and you can get the full set of basic void equipment for 850 commendation points. You can also buy Runescape account from U7BUY to get instant access to the basic void gear without going through the time-consuming process.

This set consists of a top, bottom, gloves, and three helmets that represent the three fighting techniques in OSRS: melee, ranged, and magic. To buy and equip the void set, you will need 42 Attack, Strength, Defense, Ranged, Hitpoints, Magic, and 22 Prayer once you get your 850 points.

Achievement Diary of Western Provinces

Before purchasing the Elite Void Gear upgrades, you also have to complete the Hard Tier achievements of Western Provinces. This challenge consists of various skills with some quest requirements.

Skill requirements include 56 Agility, 100 Combat, 65 Construction, 70 Cooking, 68 Farming, 50 Firemaking, 62 Fishing, 5 Fletching, 69 Hunter, 70 Ranged, 64 Magic, 70 Mining, 75 Thieving, and 50 Woodcutting. 

While completing the quest requirements, you must finish ‘Mourning’s End Part 1’ and its requirements, ‘Swan Song’ and all prerequisites, and the ‘Freeing King Awowogei’ portion of ‘Recipe for Disaster.’

Return to Pest Control to Get Elite Void Gear

After acquiring all the achievements in the Hard Western Provinces Diary, return to the Pest Control, where you need to farm over 200 commendation points for each elite piece. In total, you need 400 points since the void knight top and bottom can only upgrade to the elite status. Then, go to the Pest Control Island and talk to the Elite Void Knight and you will get the Elite Void.

Achieving Elite Void Gear is not that difficult in OSRS. You just need to be content and patient. Start off by acquiring the basic void gear, complete the achievements, and collect enough points to get the Elite Void equipment.

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